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Poland Period: 1506-2020 1506-2020

Thaler no date (1587-1632) "Type 1587-1588" (Poland, Sigismund III Vasa)

Photo by: Otto Helbing


  • Metal Silver
  • Weight 28,83 g


  • Country Poland
  • Period Sigismund III Vasa
  • Denomination Thaler
  • Year no date (1587-1632)
  • Ruler Sigismund III Vasa (King of Poland)
  • Mint Olkusz
  • Purpose Circulation
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Auction prices

Find out the current coin value of the Polish Thaler no date (1587-1632) . This silver coin from the times of Sigismund III Vasa struck at the Olkusz Mint. The record price belongs to the lot 189 sold at the Otto Helbing auction for Mark 1,050. Bidding took place April 24, 1904.

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