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Purchase policy


Purchase & cancellation.


Description of the services for which you will be charged


For payment, a subscription to Coinstrail is provided with access to information about the prices of coins sold at auctions and charts of price changes.


Recurring transaction amounts and transaction currency


The amounts and currency of transactions are determined by the tariff plans posted on the page The following amounts and currencies are provided for the customer's choice: USD 15, EUR 12 or PLN 59 for the “Monthly” tariff and USD 129, EUR 109 or PLN 499 for the “Annual” tariff. After choosing a currency and a tariff plan, the initial debiting and subsequent auto-renewal of the subscription takes place, respectively, in the selected currency and amount.


Automatic renewal


Tariff plans posted on the page There are two types of frequency of subscriptions and debiting of funds - a month for the "Monthly" tariff and a year for the "Annual" tariff. After choosing the appropriate tariff plan, auto-renewal of the subscription occurs, respectively, after 30 days from the start of the paid period for the “Monthly” tariff and 365 days for the “Annual” tariff.

By default, a Coinstrail subscription with access to coin auction prices and price charts automatically renews at the end of the subscription period. At any time during the subscription period, you can upgrade to a plan with a longer duration. The new plan takes effect immediately after the end of the previous tariff plan. Funds will be debited from the credit card after the end of the previous tariff plan.


If you purchased a subscription at the old price, you will be able to renew it until you switch to another tariff plan or until your bank card expires.


If we are unable to automatically charge your card, you will receive a deferment for2 dnI to update payment information. During this time, you will have access to the data in your account. Coinstrail on the terms of the current tariff plan.



Subscription cancellation and expiration


If you cancel your subscription or it is not renewed, you will lose access to coin auction prices and price charts.


How to cancel a subscription


You can cancel your subscription at any time.

How to unsubscribe from Coinstrail paid information:

  • Open page .
  • Log in to the Coinstrail account for which the subscription was purchased.
  • Go to your account settings at 
  • Click Cancel Subscription under the name of your current plan.
  • Review the changes that will result from canceling your subscription and click Cancel auto-renewal.

To cancel auto-renewal of a subscription, you can also write to us at or to our support pages  

After the procedures described above, an email will be sent to your email address to cancel your subscription. As soon as it expires, the information about the sale prices of coins at auctions will be reduced to the amount provided free of charge.


Refund Policy


Refunds for the purchase of a Coinstrail subscription with information about the sale prices of coins at auctions and price change charts are not provided. The subscription remains yours for the duration of the subscription, even if you choose to cancel its auto-renewal. To resolve disputes, please contact us at or to our support pages