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Poland Period: 1506-2020 1506-2020

10 Ducat (Portugal) no date (1587-1632) "Narrow bust with a ruff" (Poland, Sigismund III Vasa)


  • Metal Gold
  • Weight 35 g
  • Diameter 39 mm
  • Edge Plain


  • Country Poland
  • Period Sigismund III Vasa
  • Denomination 10 Ducat (Portugal)
  • Year no date (1587-1632)
  • Ruler Sigismund III Vasa (King of Poland)
  • Mint Krakow
  • Purpose Circulation
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Auction prices

Find out the current coin value of the Polish 10 Ducat (Portugal) no date (1587-1632) "Narrow bust with a ruff". This gold coin from the times of Sigismund III Vasa struck at the Krakow Mint. The record price belongs to the lot 7006 sold at the Fritz Rudolf Künker GmbH & Co. KG auction for EUR 95,000. Bidding took place October 8, 2008.

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